Plot Commands

Please disregard the permission. This for admin purposes. Thanks

mmands Aliases Permission Command Description
/plot claim /plot claim/plot c plots.claim Claim the current plot you’re standing on (if available)
/plot auto /plot auto/plot a Claim a random available plot nearby
/plot delete /plot delete/plot dispose

/plot del

plots.deleteplots.admin.command.delete Delete your plot ownership
/plot grant  <check|add> [player] /plot grant plots.grant Grant a player access. Check player’s grant access.
/plot setowner <player> /plot setowner/plot owner

/plot so

/plot seto

plots.set.ownerplots.admin.command.setowner Set the plot owner


Commands Aliases Permissions Command Description
/plot visit [player|alias|world|id] [#] /plot visit/plot v

/plot tp

/plot teleport

/plot goto

/plot home

/plot h

plots.visit Visit someone (or your own) plot
/plot kick <player> /plot kick/plot k plots.kickplots.admin.command.kick Kick a player for your plot
/plot middle /plot middle/plot center plots.middle Teleports you to the center of the current plot

Plot Settings

Commands Aliases Permissions Command Description
/plot trust <trust> /plot trust/plot t Allow a player to build in your plot
/plot add <player> /plot add/plot a plots.addplots.admin.command.add Allow a user to build while you are online
/plot deny /plot deny/plot d

/plot ban

plots.denyplots.admin.command.deny Deny a user from a plot
/plot remove /plot remove/plot r

/plot untrust

/plot ut

/plot undeny

/plot ud

plots.removeplots.admin.command.remove Remove a player from your plot
/plot merge <all|n|e|s|w> [removeroads] /plot merge/plot m plots.merge.<#>plots.admin.command.merge Merge a plot
/plot unlink /plot unlink/plot u

/plot unmerge

plots.unlinkplots.admin.command.unlink Unlink a mega-plot (merged plot)
/plot done /plot done/plot submit plots.doneplots.admin.command.done Mark a plot as done
/plot continue /plot continue plots.continueplots.admin.command.continue Continue a plot that was previously marked as done
/plot setdescription <description> /plot setdescription/plot desc

/plot setdesc

/plot setd


plots.set.desc Set the plot description
/plot sethome [none] /plot sethome/plot sh

/plot seth

plots.set.home Set the plot home


Commands Aliases Permissions Command Description
/plot inbox [inbox]

[delete <index>|clear|page]

/plot inbox plots.inbox Review the comments for a plot
/plot comment <comment> /plot comment plots.comment Comment on a plot
/plot chat [on|off] /plot chat Toggle plot chat on or off


Commands Aliases Permissions Command Description
/plot set <biome|alias|home|flag> <value> /plot set/plot s plots.set Set a plot value
/plot clear /plot clear/plot reset plots.clearplots.admin.command.clear Clear a plot
/plot setbiome

/plot biome [biome]

/plot setbiome/plot biome

/plot sb

/plot setb

/plot b

plots.set.biome Set the plot biome

Plot Info

Commands Aliases Permissions Command Description
/plot confirm /plot confirm plots.use Confirm an action
/plot info <id> /plot infoplot i Display a plot info
/plot list <forsale|mine|shared|world|


/plot list/plot l

/plot find

/plot search

plots.list List plots
/plot rate [#|next] /plot rate/plot rt plots.rateplots.comment Rate the plot
/plot target <<plot>|nearest> /plot target Target a plot with your compass
/plot help help [category|#] /plot help/plot he

/plot ?

plots.use Get help