I. General
Loltime Gaming / Loltime Canada, Inc., doing business as “Loltime gaming ,” operates the Internet portal with the URL “www.loltimegaming.com.”. This is a platform, on which customers can rent game- and VPS’s as well as web space, amongst other things, for pre-payment (“server services”). Customers can prepay on the website. To register, a username, e-mail address, phone number and password are required.

The terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the contractual relationship between Loltime gaming and those customers who use the server services (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”).

II Services
1. Loltime gaming offers its customers the option to rent paid server services through the Internet-Portal www.loltimegaming.com for a defined period of time.

2. Upon the customer’s request, loltimegaming shall act as a paid broker between the customer and the respective organization for the allocation and/or maintenance of domains. loltime gaming has no control or influence over the domain assignment process and does not guarantee that the domain for which the customer applied will be allocated and / or assigned free of rights belong to others. The following rules must be observed when procuring and / or maintaining domains:

a) The customer guarantees that the domain for which he is seeking registration does not infringe upon the rights of third parties. If the customer is threatened with loss of the domain name, the customer is obliged to inform Loltimegaming immediately.

b) If the customer terminates a domain, www.loltimegaming.com use at no charge the site to display its own content such as advertisements for themselves or third parties until the domain name expires. If a customer does not wish www.loltimegaming.com to make such use, the customer shall apply in writing for the immediate deletion of the domain.

3. The benefits provided by loltime gaming require registration as a customer. Registration itself is free. loltime gaming may refuse to register a customer at any time without giving reasons. For registration, the customer must fill out the registration form; as credentials to access the site, the customer chooses a user name and password.

4. The server services may be used only for the purposes specified by loltime gaming. It is prohibited to store illegal content on the storage space made available to the customer or to distribute unlawful content via the communication features of the sever.

5. Use of the loltimegaming website and its functions are subject to the current state of internet service technology. Temporary restrictions may be experienced due to problems such as disruption of telecommunications, power supply, hardware, and software faults.

III. Contract, Pricing, Payment Terms
1. The services and products offered on the loltime website are only an invitation to the customer to make an offer in return. A binding contract between loltime and the customer is only executed upon a successful registration pursuant to number I. and an order pursuant to numbers V. 3. and 4.

2. The customer must deposit an advance payment in his account to contract the services provided by loltime on the internet portal. Details are provided under number V.

3. As consumers as defined by § 312d Sec 1 of the Civil Code, customers are not entitled to require an invoice be issued by loltime. loltime meets the obligbbon to provide a written receipt by managing the customer’s account. The customer always has the option to print out the details of his account.

IV. Provisions for Registration
1. Only unrestricted competent natural persons, partnerships, or legal entities have right to unrestricted use of the site.

2. Minor customers are granted an option for limited use. By registering, the minor states that the parent or guardian has given informed consent for the use of loltime gaming server services. loltime gaming may at any time request written consent of the parent or guardian.

3. To comply with the requirements of protection of minors, loltime gaming reserves the right to carry out an age verification process. Age verification can be done by an automated consistency checking based on data given by the customer. loltime gaming has the right to request appropriate evidence for age verification.

4. The customer shall disclose the information requested in the registration form completely and correctly. Registration with the information of a third party or providing otherwise inaccurate information is prohibited.

V. Payment for services by loading the account
1. To enable the customer to access the services provided by loltime gaming in an uncomplicated and desired volume, the customer shall deposit a prepaid amount of money at his discretion into his loltime gaming account by using the payment methods offered on the loltime gaming internet portal. The customer can review the deposit value in his account overview. In the event the customer choses to his account repeatedly, the values of the individual deposits may be displayed in a consolidated manner.

2. Deposits can only be loaded via the internet portal offered by URL www.loltimegaming.com, and can only be used for ordering the services offered by loltime. The loaded deposit enables choosing a service or services up to the respective amount listed in the account overview.

3. The contract for obtaining the desired service(s) is executed with a binding customer order placed on the previously mentioned internet portal. The valid current price at the time the order is placed is displayed at order placement and deducted from the account overview in the amount confirmed by the customer until the available funds are exhausted.

4. An order exceeding the available funds displayed in the account overview will not be accepted. In this case, the customer must load another deposit before he can place an order.

5. The amount displayed in the account overview will not be paid outside of paypal or e-transfer and cannot be traded in for cash.

6. The loaded values can be used up to the end of the third (3rd) year after deposit. Thereafter the amount expires and will be deleted from the account overview.


2. The designated recipient of the deposit can then accept the deposit. The third party value is displayed in the account overview upon acceptance by the deposit recipient. The regulations outlined under V. apply for using the deposit received in this manner.

2. The party rendering the deposit will enter his paypal / Purpose so the professional owner can verify who wants to deposit funds to his account. In addition, the depositing party confirms that a contract for using the server has been executed between him and the professional user.

3. Upon the co-user’s confirmation as listed under Vb. 5, the professional owner receives a message that a third party deposit by a co-user has been offered to him. The professional user can confirm the third party deposit.

VI. Terminating the account
1. The customer is entitled to cancel the contract with loltime for the contractual server services at the end of each contract term at any time. Unless an important reason from loltime existed, reimbursement of the account balance is not considered.

2. loltime is entitled to revoke the customer’s right to use the internet portal, the loltime-service and/or account overview if loltime becomes aware that the customer has violated the contract or these business terms and conditions. In the event loltime cancels the contract, the account balance will not be reimbursed.

3. loltime will delete the data of a registered customer if the customer has not logged into the internet platform with his user data for more than a year, or if he does not have a balance (s. V.) or if the balance for the respective period has expired. (s. V. 6.).

4. The business of loltime may change over the course of time; therefore loltime reserves the right to change the loltime-service. loltime also reserves the right to interrupt or discontinue the loltime-service or customer servitude in part or in its entirety. In the event loltime should exercise this right, the customer may be entitled to reimbursement if he still has an account balance and if he is not subject to events outlined in V. 6.

VII. Privacy Policy
1. The personal data of customers is collected, stored, processed, and used in compliance with data protection laws to the extent necessary for the execution of the contract scope in automated processes. loltime is entitled to share the data with natural persons or legal entities as part of its efforts to develop its business.

2. The customer may withdraw his consent allowing loltime to store data at any time without notice for any reason . If the customer’s data should be permanently deleted, a message to loltime is sufficient. The customer is hereby notified that certain personal data may only be deleted after a specified period due to legal or contractual data retention obligations. All data which falls under these provisions will be blocked until they may be legally deleted. The existing entitlement of the customer to use the internet portal, the loltime Service and/or the account overview shall expire automatically with the deletion of his data.

3. The customer is hereby notified that loltime uses cookies and other technologies to allow evaluation of usage patterns. This is done anonymously without specific reference to the customer. The storage of this data is only for evaluation purposes.

The cancellation period is fourteen days from the date of execution of the contract.

In order to exercise the right of revocation, the customer has to explicitly inform loltime via mail, over the phone or by email (e.g. a letter sent by mail or an email) concerning his decision to revoke this contract. The customer may use the attached specimen of a cancellation form which, however, is not mandatory.

In order to observe the cancellation term, it suffices that the communication concerning the execution of the right of revocation has being submitted prior to the end of the cancellation term.

Consequences of revocation
In case of an effective revocation, the mutually received services have to be repaid without delay, at least fourteen days from the day the information concerning the cancellation of this contract has been received by loltime. For this repayment, loltime shall use the same type of payment that was applied by the customer for his initial transaction, unless something else was explicitly agreed upon. Under no circumstances shall emoluments be charged for this repayment. If the customer has demanded that the service be started during the revocation term, the customer will have to pay loltime an appropriate amount, corresponding to the portion of services foreseen in the contract and already rendered up to the time when loltime was informed of cancellation of this contract.

IX. Liability

3. loltime assumes no liability for errors in input, transmission, and / or evaluation because they are outside the control of loltime.

4. The customer is responsible for the content he makes available on the internet and is solely responsible and liable for any violations of law.

5. loltiem reserves the right to correct, even post facto, apparent errors, especially in the disclosure of information and prices. A claim for damages from the customer is excluded in these cases.

XI. Proscription
Improper and abusive behavior on the loltime platform or on servers operated by loltime prohibited. Misuse includes, but not exclusively, when the customer:

– Provides deliberately incorrect, misleading, incorrect, or incomplete information;

– Does not follow the instructions defined during the registration;

– Has committed or is attempting to commit fraud, especially by making use of mechanisms, software or other scripts in connection with using the website that interfere with the website’s functioning;

– Has purposely caused a malfunction;

– Manipulated the available servers and the programs on the servers;

– Has violated any other statutory provisions, the terms and conditions of loltime, or the general rules of conduct concerning rights and obligations towards others.

XII. Other Provisions
1. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, is or shall become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. If a provision is not valid, a legally permissible provision shall take its place.