at loltime gaming we have the capabilities to meet your needs whether thats a VPS or a website. we have fully redundant hardware and have 24/7 uptime.

Web Hosting:

We have Full webmin support for your web hosting needs. Any project you can think of, our experienced IT department can handle! Please contact for a quote

VPS Rental:

VPS comes with your choice of operating system, Linux, windows and ESXI support! Prices depend on your needs. Please contact for a quote.

Minecraft hosting:

All Minecraft servers come with the choice of being either Java edition or Bedrock edition.

Cobblestone package: 1 GB ram, max of 15 players. $20 CAD per month

Wood package: 3 GB ram, max of 25 players. $32.99 CAD per month

Iron package: 6 GB ram, max of 40 players. $39.99 CAD per month

Diamond package: 12 GB ram, unlimited players. $64.99 CAD per month

Servers are based in Western Canada